A journey through the history of the Italian Stock Exchange

In 2008 the Milan Stock Exchange celebrates its 200th year of history.

Throughout two centuries of continuous operation, the Stock Exchange has been a faithful mirror of the economic and financial life of the country, reflecting its most important events: moving from sudden strong growth to crisis, from the public to the private sphere, from local to national markets, until it debuted on the international scene.

Two other milestones in the history of the Italian stock market are also being celebrated in 2008: the 10th year of Borsa Italiana SpA, formed in 1998 through the privatisation of Italy's stock markets, and the 30th birthday of Monte Titoli, the central depositary for all financial instruments regulated by Italian law.

History tour offers three intersecting routes: a historical tour, describing the main events over two centuries of the Italian stock exchange and the Milan exchange in particular; a thematic tour, with a focus on the people, companies, and trading procedures of the Milan stock market; and a geographical tour through the other nine stock exchanges which operated in Italy during the 20th century.